Tuesday, August 25, 2009

#3... The Christian Heartland Commonwealth Proclaimed

(from the New York Times, April 7, 2013)

Christian Heartland Commonwealth Declared

Governor Budley Releases Statement

In a message today from the newly created Commonwealth Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
Governor Jason Budley, Rep. OK, proclaimed the official establishment of the Christian Heartland Commonwealth. In his statement, Governor Budley stated that in no way would the Commonwealth affect the unity of America, but that it established a zone of economic and moral protection that reflected the will and the wishes of the 4 state area that have voted to join in the project.
"In light of the recent economic upheavals and social unrest that have affected certain areas of The Great United States, we are forming a Commonwealth to protect the pure ideals and the special economic bond we have formed and sealed with our faith", the governor stated.
Governor Budley emphasized that while freedom of the press was one of the cornerstones of American greatness, he would be compelled to respect the will of the people who elected him. The Commonwealth has created a corps of editorial overseers to enforce their standards in the papers and media within the region.
The governor also authorized the standardization of internet resources and access within the Christian Heartland Commonwealth. There will be one server for the time being and they recommend that anyone who wants to conduct business by internet or have unhampered communication with anyone residing within the boundaries of the Commonwealth to subscribe to the newly created "Dovenet" and "Dovemail" services.
The Commonwealths internet service is totally filtered and spam free.
President Palin, who in the past voiced opposition to the plan, today, released a statement praising the Commonwealth and stated that in her opinion it in no way threatened the future unity of the United States.
Her husband and Chief of Staff, General Todd Palin is rumored to have been engaged in talks to head up a committee to investigate the possibility of granting a Commonwealth Status to his home state, Alaska.

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